Our seven goals describe our most important priorities for the next five years that will best position us to achieve our vision.

Enhance our current ministry leadership program through a more engaging and culturally aware academic curriculum, increased geographically and contextually varied hands-on ministry opportunities, expanded character development activities, and richer spiritual growth environments, so that our graduates are fully prepared to reach a complex and diverse world with the love of Christ.

Transition to an immersive Academy model—offering an accredited, baccalaureate, on-campus program rooted in innovative and relational methodologies—producing leaders who are prepared to fulfill the mission of the Church.

Recruit students with the highest potential and guide them through a distinct and inspiring student experience designed to nurture them with intentional student life programs, to place graduates in right-fit job opportunities, and to cultivate an alumni community that supports graduates throughout their lives.

Maximize the impact of Highlands College by expanding our top-quality, accessible leadership programs and resources to develop and deploy adult ministry and marketplace leaders who are biblically informed, practically empowered, and spiritually strengthened.

To expand and deepen Highlands College’s execution skills through leadership development, increased emphasis on work planning, collaboration, clear definition of roles, strategic sourcing of functions, strengthened implementation processes and capabilities, better performance and change management, and improved governance.

Create an unparalleled state-of-the-art residential campus—emphasizing innovation, technology, active immersive learning, and collaborative environments—that stimulates creativity, engagement, and spiritual growth.

Secure needed funding by expanding and deepening relationships with supporters, churches, foundations, alumni, and parents, and by exploring additional revenue sources to successfully launch students debt-free to fulfill their ministry calling.

“There is no greater investment in the world than to invest into a leader that will impact tens of thousands of people for the rest of their lives.”

—Chris Hodges,
Highlands College Chancellor